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Bad Credit Car Loans and Auto Financing Morinville, Alberta

Getting A Car Loan If You Have A Bad Credit Score

Sometimes the unexpected happens and you find yourself in a less than ideal financial situation.

Despite the circumstances surrounding your situation, many lenders are not ready to listen and help you out. We offer bad credit car loans with reasonable finance charges and a fast, easy loan application process. There's no need to be embarrassed about your situation - everyone has a tough time now and then, and we are here to help.

We specialize in bad credit car loans and bankruptcy loans with our fast 3 step approval process. We will help you find the perfect loan for your situation and help you heal your credit when you make your payments on time. Call us today or start by filling out our secure online credit application for an easy and fast approval no matter whether you have average credit, bad credit, or no credit at all.

Easy 3-Step Process

Two Minute Application

Quick, easy and secure credit application. This is the first step in rebuilding your credit and getting the vehicle you want.


Choose Your Vehicle

Loan Doctor has access to thousands of cars, trucks, vans and SUVs across the country. We finance all makes and models!


Drive Away...

Congratulations on your new car! Loan Doctor will continue to work on lowering your interest rate even after you drive away.

Auto Loans in Morinville the Easy Way

Do you dread making endless rounds visiting dealerships in search of your next car? Are you tired of wasting time on long loan applications and hard-to-understand terms? Loan Doctor offers auto loans the easy way. Let us make your next auto purchase a snap. Our full-service website makes finding and buying a car easy. Use our online form to search for your perfect vehicle.

Experiment with loan amounts on our handy online calculator until you find a payment that is right for you. You can even apply online. With a simple, two-minute online application, you can secure a loan in less time than it would take to drive to the dealership. Avoid the hassles of other lenders and get behind the wheel of your dream car today.

You Can Receive Approved Car Loans in Morinville Today

It used to take days or weeks to get loan approval for an automobile, but you can get approved car loans today. The loan approval process does not take long at all. You start with filling out an application, then it only takes a few minutes to find out the results. The Loan Doctor can help finance your car loan when others lenders cannot.

Bad Credit Car Loans Morinville, Car Loans Morinville

If you have some money set aside to put down, this can help lower your monthly payment and possibly help you receive a better interest rate. There are many factors lenders consider when deciding whether to offer a loan or not. A strong credit history is not the only component. Your monthly salary has a significant influence on their decision. Car loans can be extended quickly and easily if you look in the right place.

Bad Credit Car Loans and Auto Financing Morinville, Alberta

Regardless of your past credit issues Loan Doctor can help

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