An Overview of Our Bad Credit Car Financing Services

We are dedicated to providing services that our customers can rely on in order to get the best car for their lifestyle and budget. These services include a wide variety of new and used vehicles, online interactive features, a service department, and a wide range of financing options for customers of all budgets.

We’d like to take this opportunity to tell you more about our bad credit car financing options which may be available to you to help you afford your next used car:

Loan Program

Our bad credit car loans in Montreal help to ensure that all of our customers can practically afford to buy a car – no matter what their current financial situation is. Through this loan program, we are able to offer manageable loans to our customers based on their budgets. These programs will be developed so that each customer is able to afford to buy a car not only now, but also years down the road.

In order to get you the best possible loan rate, we will review your credit history and your current financial situation. We will then present you with options in terms of the size of the loan we can offer, the interest rate associated with that loan, and more. Contact us for details or to fill out a credit application today.


When you contact us for information about bad credit car financing, you’ll be at a financial advantage. Once we review your financial situation, we’ll assess which types of vehicles will be best suited to your lifestyle and long-term financial constraints. We’ll, therefore, be able to place you in a vehicle that you can comfortably afford that is also safe and reliable. By working first with your budget and then with your options, we’ll help to increase the likelihood that you can practically afford your loan payments for years to come, no matter what happens in your private life.


In addition to our competitive loan program for bad credit car financing, we also offer continuous specials that are designed to ensure that you have low interest, no down payment, and other special opportunities throughout the year. If you are looking for added discounts off of the purchase of your car, then ask us about current or upcoming specials that may help you even more.

Contact us today  for more information about how bad credit car loans in Montreal work.  We can get you approved and driving, usually in less than 24 hours! Apply Today!