What to Consider When Buying a Used Truck

There are several important factors of what to consider when buying a used truck.  Owning one brings with it several advantages.  Trucks make great choices when you need to  haul things or tow things.  Some people do not like the way in which trucks drive.  They say trucks feel stiff and handle bumps and pockets in the road poorly.  This complaint may be true for very old trucks, but most newer old trucks perform very well, some coming with a full power package, heated, leather seats, television screens either behind the headrests or mounted to the roof, premium audio packages and a full navigation system.  Some models of truck you would be hard pressed to tell you were not behind the wheel of a luxury vehicle.


One important factor of what to consider when buying a used truck is the fuel type: gasoline or diesel.  For performance and reliability, used trucks running on diesel fuel and gasoline are nearly identical.  The only real consideration is mileage and cost for diesel.  Due to the way diesel is burned, vehicles running on diesel generally get better mileage than gasoline-powered vehicles (and trucks usually need all the mileage they can get) and, until recently, the demand for diesel was less than gasoline and therefore cost less.


A second important factor of what to consider when buying a used truck is the intended purpose.  Do you plan to use the truck for light duty such as delivery or light loads from the hardware store?  Then a basic model will suite you fine, such as a Ford F150 or a Chevrolet 1500.  For more demanding work like towing a boat or perhaps plowing snow, you will need a beefier model like the F250 or the 1500.


The third consideration of what to consider when buying a used truck is the engine configuration.  Lighter trucks will come in a four or six cylinder.  These offer better fuel economy but give up some performance.  Heavier trucks will be eight cylinders and the stalwarts will be ten or more cylinders.  For towing a boat or trailer, an eight cylinder truck is plenty of truck.


Once you know what you intend to use the truck for, get down to you local truck dealer and test drive several to get a sense for how the different makes and models of trucks feel. Remember, car loans in Vancouver for you used truck can be a lot less money than new. Have bad credit? Don’t worry, at Loan Doctor Vancouver, we offer bad credit car loans in Richmond, and surrounding communities.