What to Consider When Buying a Used Truck

There are several important factors of what to consider when buying a used truck.  Owning one brings with it several advantages.  Trucks make great choices when you need to  haul things or tow things.  Some people do not like the way in which trucks drive.  They say trucks feel stiff and handle bumps and pockets in the road poorly.  This complaint may be true for very old trucks, but most newer old trucks perform very well, some coming with a full power package, heated, leather seats, television screens either behind the headrests or mounted to the roof, premium audio packages and a full navigation system.  Some models of truck you would be hard pressed to tell you were not behind the wheel of a luxury vehicle.


One important factor of what to consider when buying a used truck is the fuel type: gasoline or diesel.  For performance and reliability, used trucks running on diesel fuel and gasoline are nearly identical.  The only real consideration is mileage and cost for diesel.  Due to the way diesel is burned, vehicles running on diesel generally get better mileage than gasoline-powered vehicles (and trucks usually need all the mileage they can get) and, until recently, the demand for diesel was less than gasoline and therefore cost less.


A second important factor of what to consider when buying a used truck is the intended purpose.  Do you plan to use the truck for light duty such as delivery or light loads from the hardware store?  Then a basic model will suite you fine, such as a Ford F150 or a Chevrolet 1500.  For more demanding work like towing a boat or perhaps plowing snow, you will need a beefier model like the F250 or the 1500.


The third consideration of what to consider when buying a used truck is the engine configuration.  Lighter trucks will come in a four or six cylinder.  These offer better fuel economy but give up some performance.  Heavier trucks will be eight cylinders and the stalwarts will be ten or more cylinders.  For towing a boat or trailer, an eight cylinder truck is plenty of truck.


Once you know what you intend to use the truck for, get down to you local truck dealer and test drive several to get a sense for how the different makes and models of trucks feel. Remember, car loans in Vancouver for you used truck can be a lot less money than new. Have bad credit? Don’t worry, at Loan Doctor Vancouver, we offer bad credit car loans in Richmond, and surrounding communities.

The Right Time


Are you in the market for a used car but are not quite sure if you are really ready to buy a used car at this time? With the economy being tricky to navigate for many people, buying a used car may really seem like a strain on your financial resources. However, it’s also important to consider the consequences of not buying a used car when you need one. If you are having a tough time deciding whether now is the right time or whether it would be best to wait, we have a few things that you may want to think about as you start to make your decision:

Opportunity cost

An opportunity cost is an economic term that basically means that for everything you do, there is a cost. If you choose to buy a used car now, you will have to pay for the used car now. However, if you take the opportunity to wait to buy your used car, you will have to pay for the cost of waiting. Therefore, because every action that you take (or don’t take) has some sort of cost, it’s important for you to weigh these costs and determine which cost is greater.

To help you determine which opportunity cost is greater, we advise you to make a list of all of the costs associated with buying a car now. For example, you may have a more restricted budget if you need to begin paying down car loans in Vancouver.

Then make a list of all of the benefits that will be provided by buying a used car now. For example, you can begin to improve your credit score as you pay down your car loan in Vancouver, you will have reliable transportation, and you will have a solid budget that you can depend on each month. Do the same pros and cons for not buying a car as well. Compare both lists as you make your final decision about whether or not to buy.

Consider financial assistance

Many of our customers can get excellent cars when they need them thanks to our financial programs. Through our financial programs, customers can more easily afford to buy durable cars that will last for years to come – and help them get better gas mileage than their current cars. Plus, we also have a trade-in program that may be an option to help you save more money.

At Loan Doctor, your place for car financing in Vanocuver we look forward to helping you get the best car for your needs when the time is right for you. Contact us today to learn more about how buying a used car now is possible and may be right for you.

Car Loans And Your Needs

If you are thinking about buying a car but are not sure whether or not to buy a car using a car loan in Vancouver, then we are happy to share with you some of the many reasons why we think buying a car with a car loan is a wise choice for many of our customers. When our customers apply for car loans, they are sometimes concerned about issues related to their finances, such as bad credit, the loan amount that they may qualify for, and interest rates. However, there are many other factors that go into determining whether a car loan in Victoria is right for you.

Here are a few things that you may want to think about when determining whether or not to get a car loan:


It helps you get a good car now

Many of our customers tell us that they are trying to decide between getting a good car with a car loan or settling for a car that only meets their short-term needs that they can buy with cash. From a safety, long-term investment, and overall quality perspective, we generally encourage our customers to get a car loan that allows them to buy a car that will suit their long-term needs and current lifestyle. We can offer competitive interest rates that will help these customers to keep low monthly loan repayment amounts that they can easily afford – no matter how long they plan to keep the car loan.

You can refinance

One issue that comes up with many of our customers with bad credit is the fact that customers with bad credit generally have to pay greater interest rates and qualify for lower loan amounts. When customers have bad credit, we encourage them to go ahead and get the safe and reliable car – even if it means paying more for their cars now. A few years down the road, paying those loan repayments each month will result in a higher credit score. With that higher credit score, they can refinance their car loans in order to save money down the road – but they’ll still have that safe and reliable car.

It’s easy

Getting car financing in Vancouver is easier then some people might imagine. In fact, getting a car loan can be done in the same day that you apply – and you can begin the process from the comfort of your own home or office. Simply complete the credit application online to get started right where you’re sitting!

We look forward to helping you get the best car loan for your needs. Contact Dr Credit Vancouver today to get started!