3 Ways a Dealership Can Streamline Your Used Car Shopping Experience

If you are in the market for a used car and need to get behind the wheel right away, our dealership can help. We understand that buying a used car with as little hassle as possible is the key to a stress-free shopping experience. From finding car loans that suit your budget and lifestyle to helping you complete the required paperwork to offering you servicing options for the future, we can streamline your search and purchase of a quality used car.


  1. Verifying Certifications


When you shop with our dealership, we can help you verify that the car you are considering has been inspected and certified as a quality vehicle. Not only will this make you feel more confident about your vehicle purchase, understanding the vehicle’s complete history and what was inspected and/or replaced can help you create a servicing plan with us in case the vehicle will need improvements or repairs in the future.


  1. Helping Out With Paperwork


Few things are more frustrating than needing to get your newly-purchased car off the lot and into your driveway as soon as possible, only to have paperwork and red tape delay the process. However, when you decide to finance with our dealership, we can help streamline the paperwork requirements because most of it can be completed in house. As a result, you will be sitting behind the wheel sooner rather than later.


  1. On-the-Spot Financing


Navigating the world of car loans can be daunting, especially if you are buying a used car for the first time. However, when you finance through our dealership, we can help you understand the process and answer any questions you may have so that you feel confident enough to sign on the dotted line, and all in the time frame you require. Come visit us today to browse our selection of quality used cars and let us get you on the road in a car you love.

Financing Your Car Should Never Include Surprises

If you’ve started to look into car loans, you may be surprised by all of the options that are out there. It can be difficult to figure out where to start and what to avoid. When it comes to making a large purchase, you want to make sure that all of your money is going to the right place. You don’t want to have to worry about spending too much or not getting the best deal. Fortunately, there are a lot of lenders that want to work with you. If you’re about to embark on the purchase of a new car, here are a few things to keep in mind.


Get a Fixed Loan


It’s important that you stay away from adjustable rate loans. These are loans that can shift in price over time. You may wind up spending even more after a couple of years and you’re locked in. In addition to paying more per month, you could also end up paying more money on the car than it’s worth.



Avoid Subject to Approval Loans


If you aren’t sure what a subject to approval loan is, it isn’t difficult to understand. This type of loan doesn’t go through right away. You can take the car home while you wait for the terms to be accepted. Of course, this can be difficult if you take the car home and then your loan goes through. After that, they can try to give you a higher interest rate and take more money.


One Year Deals


Be careful when it comes to deals that will only last a year. It might sound nice to have zero percent interest or low monthly payments but this doesn’t mean that it will last. In fact, you could see the prices skyrocket in a few months or a year.  A year doesn’t always feel like it lasts very long and suddenly you’ll be paying a lot more money.


You want to stay informed about car financing. Knowing what to look for and what to avoid can make all of the difference.

How a Car Loan Can Help You Get Your Next Car

There’s no doubt that having a reliable car as become an essential part of our daily lives. We depend on our cars to get us to and from work, to help accomplish our tasks from day to day and to travel to places near and far for business and for pleasure. When it’s time to get an additional car or replace your existing one, you don’t have to feel a lot of stress and pressure. Sure, there is a lot of anxiety that comes with the financial implications when purchasing a car. But with car loans from a respected dealership, you can have peace of mind and confidence that your purchase is a good one.


Simple Process


It’s important to find a dealership that handles not only the selection of your car but that can take care of all the financing as well. Face it, when you purchase a car, you want the process to be hassle free and as quick and painless as possible. You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops and deal with numerous people, going from one stack of paperwork to another. When you go with a dealership that also does the financing, you simplify the process and find yourself behind the wheel of your car more quickly.


Terms and Rates for You


If you have a good credit and a demonstrated history of making on-time payments on previous vehicles, you’ll be able to secure a loan with a lower rate and more favorable payment terms. If you’ve struggled with credit, however, don’t worry, because you can still find car loans that suit your needs.


Get the Car You Need


With the right car loan, you can find a suitable used car that will get you where you need to go safely. Work with your dealer to find monthly payments that match your situation.


Don’t let the process of buying a car worry you. Car loans are available for just about everyone.




The Advantage of Car Loans

If you have a family, you know what a hassle it can be to get everyone where they need to be. Whether you have a job commute, sports practices or errands to run, a reliable car is important. Most families rely on a vehicle to get them back and forth to their obligations. When it comes to purchasing a vehicle, many have to look into car loans. While there are many benefits to this form of financing, you still might be wondering if a vehicle is worth a loan. Here are three reasons why financing a vehicle is to your advantage.


No More Public Transportation


While busses and trains can be convenient, they can also be a hassle. Many people don’t want to have to pay fees or be concerned about delays. Not to mention, if you’re a commuter, you will have to leave significantly earlier than you might if you had a car. Having a vehicle of your own can make public transportation a thing of the past for you.


Reliable Transportation


If you’re taking out a car loan, then odds are the cost of the vehicle is substantial. This is often the case for newer vehicles or cars that are in good shape. This is great, because you want to know that your car isn’t going to break down quickly. You can be more comfortable that you’re purchasing a quality car.




When it comes down to it, a car can make your life a lot easier. You’ll be able to get from point A to point B with ease. You don’t have to rely on other people to get you where you need to go. Not to mention, you can take off at any time of day or night. This isn’t something that public transportation offers.


Reliable transportation is important. While most people dream of owning their own car, there are a lot of benefits to having a vehicle that you can call your own.

How Car Financing Can Help You Afford Your Own Car

Living without a car may be possible in some cities like Toronto or Vancouver. However, due to this country’s vastness, for most Canadians, car ownership is a valuable necessity. Without a vehicle, getting to work, running errands or visiting friends would take a long time. In the winters, being without a car is even more inconvenient. Who wants to slush through the snow and or wait for the bus in the bitter cold? Fortunately, as a car owner, you will have your car to keep you warm in the winters, cool in the summers and get you anywhere you want without having to wait.


While a car is often necessary, many cannot afford to buy one. Fortunately, car financing may be a great path to car ownership. Financing your car allows you to purchase the vehicle over time in monthly installments. Usually, a down payment will be first required. The larger the down payment, the smaller the monthly payments will be. These payments don’t just include the actual cost of the vehicle, but they include taxes and fees as well. You will also need to pay interest on the borrowed amount. Your credit ratings will often impact the interest rate.


These monthly payments may be spread over a period that can be as long as sixty months or as short as eighteen months. If you decide to finance your car over a shorter term, the monthly payments will usually be larger, since there are fewer months to divide the remaining car balance. A longer financing term will allow you to distribute the cost over an extended period, thus potentially making the payments smaller. Deciding over how many months you wish to pay the balance depends on your financial capabilities. However, shorter financing periods usually come with lower interest rates.


While many cannot afford to purchase a vehicle in full, car financing may give everyone the ability to own their car.