Dealer Financing Helps You Get Bad Credit Car Loans at Good Rates

You’ve probably heard that a dealership will mark up loan interest rates big time. Well, depending on the dealership that you go to, that may be true. It isn’t always true, however. In fact, sometimes dealerships can offer much better deals on loans than the average bank. When you’re looking for bad credit car loans, you’re probably not thinking about getting loans from banks, so the dealership is your only option. If you’re worried about this, don’t be. Your local dealership can negotiate with you to come up with a loan that you can pay off successfully.


It’s important to set your sights high when applying for a loan. You never know how your credit score looks in the eyes of others – it might not really be that bad after all! If you approach your dealership with confidence, you will probably be able to get a much more favorable terms. Remember, your dealer wants to help you get a new car. He or she is not interested in putting you in a position where you cannot pay off your loan. Dealers are the people who are most likely to see your tarnished credit history in a positive light and give you the type of loan that you’re looking for.


Once you find a dealership that you can trust and that trusts you, get ready to negotiate. Sometimes it’s helpful to bring a friend or relative along just to make sure you can keep track of all the details. Bad credit car loans often come with lots of add-ons, so you may want an extra pair of eyes and ears to make sure you’re not agreeing to anything that you don’t really need. Read the terms carefully and look out for anything that doesn’t seem essential. You can negotiate with your dealer to have any non-essential components removed. As long as you are ready to absorb all the details, you’ll be able to obtain a car loan that gives you what you need.