Don’t Trash Your Car; Keep It Looking New

Having an organized and clean car can actually help you feel better on the road.  And it’s important to take pride in your things, especially something as important as your car.  If you keep it looking nice, you will naturally feel happier. Here are some tips to keeping your car looking great.

When your kids get in the car, do you allow them to bring in food or drinks?  If you do, make sure they are in spill proof cups and bowls.  And if they bring it in the car, make sure they take it out. This goes for papers, books and toys.  The car is not their playroom and books and toys should be stored away in a tote bag.


It’s also a good idea to keep a trash bag in your car so if you need to throw something away, you have a bag handy.  If you do not have a trash bag of some type in your car, that garbage just may end up on the seat or the floor.  When you stop for gas, be sure to throw out the bags of trash that you have accumulated.


For small spills, keep a portable hand held vacuum in the back seat or in your trunk.  That way, if you need to vacuum up some crumbs, you won’t put it off.  You will be able to grab the vacuum when you stop and clean it up quickly.


If you have any stains on your upholstery, a dab of toothpaste may do the trick of getting the stains out.  Just dab the stain with the toothpaste and wipe gently with a wet cloth.


And don’t forget about the exterior of your car.  That is just as important.  If your car is dirty or you have salt on it, run it through the car wash immediately instead of letting it sit on there for days.

Follow these tips to keep your car looking great and to feel happier and relaxed on the road. Loan Doctor in Regina, can get you a quality affordable used car, and easy car financing in Yorkton. Apply today!