Get Your Car Ready for Spring by Listening Well

As we head into warm spring months, chances are good that you are already starting to think about road trips and weekend vacations. In order to safely take long drives for extended periods of time, it’s important to be sure that your car is in excellent condition and that you don’t have any engine parts that are threatening to come loose at any moment.

Listening to your car and reveal a lot about what’s going on under the hood that you may not be able to see. Plus, it will be easier to listen to your car in the spring because it’s a lot nicer to drive with the windows down! Even if you are not a car maintenance guru, there are some noises that should alert you to possible damage or danger. Here are a few noises that you may hear from your car and more information about what they may mean:

Squeal with Varying Pitches

The most common cause of a squeal coming from your engine – especially a squeal with varying pitches – is a belt. When you hear a squeal, chances are good that the belt is about to fail because it is loose. It’s important to take you car in for an inspection right away whenever you hear this kind of squeal.


Many times, you will hear a faint clicking noise coming from your engine after you turn off your engine. Don’t worry – a faint clicking noise is a normal noise that is caused by your manifold dropping in temperature. You will not need to get your engine checked out if you hear this noise.


A howl that sounds like a cat when you turn your steering wheel (especially during parking) is a normal noise for many people. However, it’s not a safe noise. You should bring your car in to see if you need to add more power steering fluid to your car.

Clicking While Turning

If you hear a clicking noise while turning your wheel, then bring your car in for an inspection immediately. Chances are good that the CV joint (part of your axel) is wearing out. You don’t want to have an axel wear out during a weekend trip!

Whooshing Sound When Turning on the Car

If you hear a loud whooshing noise when you turn on your used car, then you’re probably okay. There is a large fan located behind your engine radiator that moves a lot of air quickly, causing the whooshing noise.

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