Different Ways In Getting Stains Off Car Upholstery

People are beginning to spend more and more time in their vehicles.  This is due to a number of factors, but the fact remains that the more time that is spent somewhere, the faster and more likely it is to become dirty.  Getting stains off car upholstery and trying to keep the upholstery clean can be a chore.  Some stains are more persistent than others.  Here are a few tips and pointers on helping you keep your vehicle’s upholstery as clean as you can.

First, make sure you vacuum regularly and even after a stain has been made.  Vacuuming may actually help remove part of the stain, especially if the item that was spilled left crumbs.  Regular vacuuming also removes dust particles and dirt.  Oily substances love to cling to dirt, so removing the dirt can help remove the oily substances, as well.

Many of us are forced to eat in our vehicles at one point or another, and often the food we eat is convenience food which can be high in grease content.  If you are faced with a grease stain, you can remove this by mixing a little dishwashing fluid in with warm water and using a clean cloth to agitate the grease stain.  Getting stains off car upholstery can take more than one round of effort, so repeat as necessary until the grease stain is gone.

Morning commutes can be dangerous when coffee enters the picture.  Coffee stains can set with warm water, so be sure to use cold water to saturate the entire stain.  Let the water dry completely, then soak the stain again with glass cleaner.  Blot with a clean cloth.

Getting stains off car upholstery can be taxing, but not impossible.  Depending on the stain you are facing, there are myriad ways to remedy it and make your vehicle looking brand new and spotless again.  Don’t let stains get you down and don’t let them intimidate you!  Beat them and get your car looking amazing again.


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