Get Better Gas Mileage By Maintaining Tire Pressure

With gas prices on the rise many people are turning to aftermarket parts, gas additives, and conservative driving to keep the price at the pump from hurting so much, but one of the easiest things to get the best gas prices is something that you should be doing anyway!  You may not know it, but keeping your tire pressure to the correct specifications will help you get the best gas mileage possible.  Tire pressure is a great option for maximizing the mileage because it costs almost nothing.  At most, you will have to pay a few cents to use an air compressor at a gas station.  Compared to the parts that some people pay for that claim to get better mileage, maintaining pressure is one of the best options that you can choose as well as one of the least expensive.


Another way that you can maximize your gas mileage is by changing the way you drive.  When you accelerate too fast or travel way over the speed limit, you use a lot more gas then you do when you accelerate slowly and maintain a constant speed near the speed limit.   You can also try to brake conservatively. Doing this will make it so you may not have to stop completely at a red traffic light because it will likely change to green before you actually make the stop.


Tire pressure and gas consumption go hand in hand and keeping the pressure where it should be will help your vehicle get great mileage and will end up saving you a lot of money.  You should keep a tire gauge in your glove box and check your pressure regularly.  Most new cars have a sensor that will alert you if your tires are low, but that may not be maintaining the pressure at a level to achieve maximum gas consumption.  Look up your specific vehicle make and model to find what tire pressure you should maintain.


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