Auto Loans Made Easy

Have you been putting off getting a new used car because of past credit issues?  Well, you do not have to delay any longer.  The Loan Doctor Finance Center can help you right from the dealership.  The application is short and easy.  After completing the application, you can choose your vehicle and then just drive off the lot.  Whether you have no credit, bad credit, are new to the country, or any of a variety of other problems, our automotive financing specialists can help you start to build your credit back up.  Setting up auto loans is our specialty.

We will assist you in setting up an appointment with a credit counselor to assess your situation and help you apply for an auto loan.  When you select the right dealer, we will help you with the application process to find out what your credit score is and how high the interest rate might be on a new loan.  Even if you have been unsuccessful in the past, it’s not impossible for you to get a reliable car and a loan that will help bring your credit score back up to a higher level.

Auto loans for a quality used car do not have to be as stressful to obtain.  By financing your car through our dealership, you can cut out the middleman and sometimes get extra incentives or discounted rates.  You want to work with a dealership that is looking out for your best interest, not just their own.  You want to deal with someone that you can trust and someone who will want to work with you even after you have driven off the lot.

What if you have never owned a credit card or had a loan?  Auto loans are hard to get in this instance, much the same as for someone who has bad credit.  But if you deal with the right car dealership, you can get started on your way to that great credit score, just by making your payments on time.  Do not delay–go on in and get the process started.

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