Car Financing Made Simple

If you need a new car to get you to work, school, take care of your kids, or for any other reason, you owe it to yourself to check out what Loan Doctor has to offer. We specialize in getting people who are typically difficult to finance approved. It is not some myth or urban legend—bad credit car financing really does exist, and even if you have been turned down for a car loan in the recent past, you may still qualify for one of our financing options. So long as you can afford to make the monthly payments on time, chances are we can probably get you in the car, truck, or SUV you need.


Part of the reason why Loan Doctor is so successful is due to our extensive network of banks and other lenders who partner with us to fund our bad credit car loans. Our banks understand that bad credit certainly doesn’t make you a bad person—just a person that, for one reason or another, has fallen on difficult times in the past. If you are a hard worker and willing to ensure you will make timely monthly payments, not only can we probably help you get approved, but your new car loan will actually help to improve your credit score over time. Making monthly payments to loans on time, every time, is an important consideration the credit bureaus make when calculating your credit score.


Before you buy, you will want to sit down and calculate exactly how much to expect to pay for things related to your vehicle. For example, your car insurance, gas, vehicle maintenance, and other items can make a big impact on your budget, so you will have to make sure that you select a vehicle that is very affordable for you. Should your car wind up having some type of problem down the road, you should ensure that you have some type of emergency fund stashed away somewhere so you can afford to make the repairs necessary.

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