How to Improve Your Credit Score With a Car Loan


If you have bad or no credit, you may think that qualifying for an auto loan will be difficult or impossible. However, our team at Loan Doctor helps people like you obtain loans and buy new vehicles every day. We specialize in financing car purchases for those who have bad credit, have declared bankruptcy, or have no credit. We enjoy helping people find a new car and establishing a better credit standing.


How can bad credit car loans improve your credit score? A Loan Doctor specialist will not only help you finance your vehicle, but also will work with you to establish monthly payments that are comfortable for your budget. As soon as you start making those payments regularly and on time, you are establishing trust with creditors, and this has an effect on your score. Payment history can determine up to 35 percent of your total credit score, and part of that determination comes from whether or not you pay your bills on time, so establishing your loan and making your payments is a good way to improve your numbers.


You can begin the process of financing a car and building credit by applying on the Loan Doctor website and setting up an appointment with one of our specialists. Your specialist will talk to you about your credit results and answer questions you may have about financing a car, then find you the best possible rate and term. We also make the process of buying a car as easy as possible for you with other helpful services. We have a large inventory of new and used vehicles for you to consider, and your Loan Doctor specialist can help you with licensing the vehicle and arranging insurance if you need it.


Our team at Loan Doctor will continue supporting you by working to lower your interest rates in the 12 months after you have purchased your vehicle, further enabling you to make your payments and improve your credit. Inquire about a car loan at a Loan Doctor finance centre to find the vehicle you need and start improving your credit score.

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