Choose The Right Used Car For You

An important part of choosing a used car is to be able to effectively examine your wants and needs and your used car.  A lot of people jump directly into the wants by heading down to their local used car dealer and find the snazziest car they can find.  While that strategy certainly makes fur a fun trip, you may find that you left out a few things that you will regret further on down the road.  By having a cooling off period ahead of time, and calmly generating your wants and needs and your used car, you will make a better choice.  And it will still be fun!

The first step to determining the wants and needs and your used car is to write down what you need the car to do.  Do you need it for work?  Do you need it to carry heavy loads?  Do you need it to carry lots of people?  Do you need it to be large enough for a baby safety seat?  While you are making this list, you may be tempted to put something like: you need it for off-road driving.  Only you can determine whether this is a want or a need, but you do need to separate your wants into priorities to give yourself some decision room later.


Next generate your wants.  This is the fun part.  Put down everything you would like without being “noble and self-sacrificing”.  If you want a sports car, write it down.  If you want it to be cherry red, that’s good to.  If you want it to be a babe magnet, well, it’s your list.


Now check your finances. Do you need a car loan in Toronto?  Can you afford the car that has all of your needs?  This is the critical part.  If the answer is yes, and you have room for more, then incrementally add your favorite wants until you hit your price point.  This responsible way of prioritizing what you want in a car against your finances will give you the most short and long term satisfaction. Even if your credit isn’t perfect, Loan Doctor can get you approved and driving today. Apply for your car loan in North York!