Get Approved For A Loan Even If You Are New To The Country

A car is not only a luxury but in some cases it is a necessity as well.  If you have recently moved to Canada and have no credit, we can get you approved for a car loan in Prince George with new to the country auto loans.  We understand that moving can not only take a lot out of you emotionally but financially as well.  And especially if you are coming into a new country. You are starting out with no credit when you apply for a loan in a new country.  You will have to go through the process of starting to build up credit and you can do that when you finance an auto loan with us.  Not many other lenders will give you a loan without any credit or if you are new to the country.  They want to see that you have a proven track record for paying back loans.  We don’t care about that.  Of course you will need to pay back the loan, but we don’t care about your past credit history or what your credit score was prior to moving to a new country. What matters is now.  If you have money coming in and make payments on a loan, you can get approved.  Even if you had bad credit or no credit before, you can still get approved.


We handle new to the country auto loans in Fort St James all the time and have the experience and know how to get you approved and driving off in a car today.


Moving to a new country can be an exciting experience but if you do not have a car to be able to drive places to explore your new surroundings, in won’t be as much fun.  We want to get you in a great car so you can be able to see your new home and all that this beautiful country has to offer.  Let us get you approved for your car loan in Terrace today.

Get A Car Loan When You Are New To Canada

Getting a car loan in Prince George when you have bad credit can be a huge hassle.  Paying a higher interest rate can be bad enough, but sometimes you are just flat out turned down.  It can also be hard to get a loan when you have no credit.  Who has no credit?  Well, plenty of people.  People just out of high school, people who have been out of the country for a long time, and people that have just moved to Canada.

If you are a new immigrant to the country of Canada, you could very well find yourself in this position.  Cars can be an essential part of living in your new home, but if you don’t have a credit score, it can be hard to get car loans when you are new to the country.  What is a credit score?   A credit score is a 3 digit number ranging from 300 to 900.  The higher your score, the more likely you are to get a low interest rate on loans that you take out and you are also more likely to actually get the loan in the first place.  The lower your score, the less likely you are to get a decent interest rate and the more likely you are to be turned down for a loan.  How do you improve a credit score?  Paying your bills on time is a great way to improve your credit score.  Also, you should try to keep the amount of debt you have low relative to the amount of credit you have available.

Of course, these strategies are useless until you actually are able to acquire a car loan.  To do this you have a few options.  You can get someone to co-sign on your loan.  This means that they will take responsibility for the loan if you can’t keep up with your payments.  There are also loan companies that specialize in loans for people with bad credit and no credit.  You will most likely end up paying a higher interest rate and may have to put more money down.  Having a regular income is also mandatory for getting a loan.

In short, if you have no credit, you can still get a car loan in Fort Nelson, but you will most likely be paying more than someone with a good credit score. Visit us today at

How Loan Doctor Can Help You Get A Loan Faster

Applying for a car loan in Prince George can feel like a complicated process.  There are forms to fill out, phone calls to make, and meetings to schedule with potential lenders.  Many people feel intimidated by the prospect of applying for a loan and so never even try.  In actuality, there’s no cause for alarm.  Applying for car financing in Fort Nelson doesn’t have to be a difficult process.  In fact, with Easy 3 Step Car Loans, purchasing the vehicle you’ve always wanted is easier than you might expect.

First, you will need to fill out a simple application.  This form will require basic vital information such as your city of residence in addition to the information specific for the loan you’re applying for.  In particular, you’ll need to list the amount of money you would like to borrow.  This amount is referred to as the principle.  This money will be paid back over the course of several years, typically in monthly installments.  An interest rate will be applied to the principle after your loan is processed.  This rate determines how much interest will be added to the principle.  Interest rates are very important so it’s worth your time to shop around for a competitive one.  Once your application has been filled out and submitted, all you need to do is wait for it to be approved.  In many cases, the approval process concludes very quickly.

The work doesn’t end when the application process is over!  You still have to pick out a vehicle.  Two- and four-door sedans are popular cars for commuting and city driving; pickup trucks are hard-working vehicles valued by people who have big jobs to do.  Minivans and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) can carry lots of passengers as well as cargo; families with lots of children favor these vehicles.

Preparing To Achieve Easy Bad Credit Car Loans

If you find yourself stuck with bad credit, there are easy bad credit car loans you can apply for to get you into your next vehicle.  It used to be more difficult to secure a car loan in Prince George if you had poor credit, but it is getting easier.   There are several ways to shop around for a car loan.  There are online lenders who specialize in providing loans to those with poor credit, and most local dealerships have close relationships with local lenders in your area who can also help get you approved.  If you have experienced a foreclosure, repossession or eviction, it can also help you to have written statements that explain those situations when you are out shopping for a car loan in Fort Nelson.

Many online lenders specialize in easy bad credit car loans in Prince George.  You can research the lender by visiting state insurance bureau websites to verify the lender’s credibility.  Sometimes, this route can take more time and preparation, because it takes some time to process the paperwork and shop around for the best lender and rate, but this is often a great way to go to find the best deal.  Online lenders who specialize in easy bad credit car loans can help you become pre-approved for a vehicle so you can go into a dealership or car lot prepared with the information you need to make the most educated decision and provide you with more negotiating power.

Many dealerships specialize in helping those with less than ideal credit to be able to get into a vehicle.  Dealerships are usually able to approve you immediately due to their relationships with local banks and credit unions.  Local financial institutions can help you find an affordable vehicle and can often offer you reasonably low rates.

If you have a poor credit rating and you are in need of a vehicle, you can get a car loan.  It may take some additional preparation and footwork, but you can achieve that goal.  There are several avenues you can follow to get a loan for your vehicle, so do your homework and choose the best option for you.

Keeping Your Cool For Winter Driving

Winter is one of the best times to stay in the house to catch up on reading, watch your favorite TV show or spend time with your family, but it’s one of the worst times to drive. While scattered mounds of fresh snow have their own beauty, they also have their own hazards when it comes to driving. Having some driving tips for winter driving can mean the difference between arriving at your destination safely and having to wait for a tow truck.


If you’re unfamiliar with driving in winter weather, you’ll first want to practice in a deserted parking lot with lots of snow since doing this will get you used to how your vehicle maneuvers in the snow. The owner’s manual might offer driving tips for winter driving specifically for your vehicle. When driving on icy and snowy roads, you’ll want to decrease your speed and make sure you leave yourself plenty of space to decelerate. In order to help keep from skidding, gently apply the brakes and remember to always turn into the direction of the skid. If you have standard brakes, you’ll want to pump then gently. If you have anti-lock brakes (ABS), you’ll want to apply steady pressure. Take your foot from the gas and shift to neutral if your front wheels are skidding.


If you happen to get stuck in the snow, you don’t want to spin the tires as doing this will only dig them in deeper. Instead, maneuver the wheels from side to side to move snow out of the way. You’ll then want to gently press the gas pedal to ease yourself out. One of the driving tips for winter driving that people may not consider is to place the vehicle’s interior mats under the tires for a bit of extra traction. You’ll also want to make sure that you have a shovel, kitty litter or sand inside of your vehicle. If you don’t have any sand or kitty litter, look on the ground to see if there’s any sand left over from the sanding trucks.


One of the first driving tips for winter driving is to simply not drive in the snow if you don’t have to. Wait until the roads have been plowed and sanded if you absolutely have to go out to brave the treacherous roads. Always remember to keep your cool while driving in the snow and ice.

Looking for a car loan in Prince George? Loan Doctor in Northern British Columbia can get you approved and driving. We offer a large selection of quality used cars and trucks. Regardless of no credit or needing a bad credit car loan in Williams Lake we can help. Apply today.