Repairing Your Credit After A Divorce

Although getting a divorce does not directly affect your credit score or credit history, it does indirectly affect your credit score.  If you have joint financial obligations with your spouse, you’ll want to handle their dissolution properly in order to lessen the negative effect it may have on your credit.  You may be wondering how to obtain a car loan once you have been through a divorce and your credit score is in poor standing.

Car loans in Halifax are the easiest type of loan to fix in the case of a divorce.  Many reputable car companies will refinance your vehicle, and remove your spouse’s name from the loan in the process.  Not only will this ensure that the loan is solely in your name, but you may be able to refinance your vehicle at a lower percentage rate than it was originally.

You may want to trade it your car for another vehicle, and finance that car in your name.  This is a great way to make sure that your payments will not affect your former spouse in anyway.  Also, by having their name removed, they will not be able to come and reclaim the car.

Many couples assume that when their divorce decree indicates one party to pay off a credit card, the other party is no longer associated with the card.  The credit card company, however, still has both names attached to the card.  This means that if one person is delinquent on a payment or fails to make payments at all, both parties will receive a negative mark on their credit report.  The best way to prevent this from happening is to take your name off all credit card accounts that you are not forced to pay.  This will ensure that your credit is intact when applying for loans in the future.

If you have recently experienced a divorce and need to refinance your auto loan in Nova Scotia, be sure to call an experienced representative that can walk you through the process.  At Loan Doctor in Nova Scotia, we can get you approved for a car loan in your name, and get you back on track to repairing your credit.

How Floor Mats Protect Your Car

If you want to keep the carpets and upholstery in your car looking great, you need floor mats.  Muddy shoes, snow, rain, and just plain old dirt can get all over your car if you are not protecting it with floor mats.  Floor mats make it easy to keep your car clean.  Imagine if you didn’t have floor mats.  You would be washing the floors of your car every few days.  There would be stains that would be impossible to remove and they might even start to smell.  But with floor mats, simply remove them from your car and shake them off.


Kids spill something on the floor of the car?  Most likely, the floor mat caught that spill.  Food, crumbs and drinks are easy to brush off and wipe off from floor mats.  Not so easy to get up from carpet.


You can get car floor mats to match the interior of your car. Most cars come standard with floor mats or you can order customized ones.  If you have a car that does not have floor mats, you can pick them up easily at any auto store.  A great color to have is black. Black goes with everything and will match the interior of your car no matter what the color of it is.   They are not expensive and will save you a lot of money on cleaning the interior of your car.  Getting the carpets and upholstery washed can be expensive but with a floor mat, you won’t have to worry about that.  Cleaning a floor mat is quick and easy.


If you have a certain style, you can most likely find a car floor mat suited for you.  They come in all sorts of styles and colors and even prints.  The most important thing is that it fits.  A basic floor mat will fit almost any car but if you want to get the perfect fit, do a search for floor mats for your exact make and model of car.


Loan Doctor Nova Scotia has plenty of floor mats in our used vehicles. We offer car financing in Halifax and surrounding communities  Don’t have perfect credit? Its OK  we can get you approved for your car financing in Halifax today.

Why It’s Important To Get Pre Approved For Your Car Loan

Purchasing a vehicle can be a time consuming and laborious process, but with the right preparation it can be seamless and pain-free.  One of the best ways to prepare yourself for a car buying experience is to visit your financial institution and become pre approved for your future vehicle.

When you get pre approved for your car loan in Halifax, you are working with the bank to determine the size of the loan you are able to afford prior to the actual car shopping.  At this time, you can also determine how much you are willing to pay each month for your vehicle’s monthly payment.

Becoming pre approved is extremely useful and money smart on your part.  Not only are you figuring out how much you are willing to spend, you are essentially creating a budget for yourself so when you do go out into the marketplace to look for the car you want, you already know what your price range is so that you can safely and affordably purchase a vehicle.

Many individuals will not properly prepare for their car buying experience, and they can often get in over their heads because they don’t have a realistic grasp of their budget and what they can truly afford.  Many aren’t aware of their credit worthiness when they look for a vehicle.  They can go through the whole process of purchasing a vehicle with a dealership only to find out they do not have the sufficient credit to receive the loan required to purchase the car.  When you get pre approved for your car financing Halifax, you are eliminating that altogether.

By working with your financial institution to get pre approved for your car loan in Nova Scotia, you can confidently shop for a vehicle armed with the information you need to know to find the car within your budget.  You also know beforehand what amount you can be financed for, turning your car buying experience a pleasant experience, and not one to be feared.