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Bad Credit Car Loans and Auto Financing St. Catharines, Ontario

St. Catharines loans for bad credit car financing in Ontario

When it comes to securing an auto loan, your credit score will make an impact. Your credit score is an accumulation of your credit history. If you have a good credit score (one over 700), chances are greatly improved that you will be able to qualify for a good auto loan. Generally speaking, a good auto loan is one in which you will be able to get a high loan amount with a small interest rate.

Therefore, people with good credit scores are often able to get more advantageous auto loans. However, we offer auto loans to all of our customers � even those customers with bad credit or no credit.

Bad credit auto loans can improve credit Because credit scores are based on your credit history and current financial situation, you can help to improve your credit score by making wise financial decisions now. One way to make a great wise financial decision is to take out an auto loan that you then repay on time and in full. When you do so, future creditors will notice that you have a history of being financially responsible and will be more likely to extend a good credit car loan to you.

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Bad or Slow Credit Will Not Keep You From Getting Approved

Damaged or slow credit can occur quickly but can have significant consequences. Bad credit results from not paying credit obligations, filing for bankruptcy, or having a vehicle repossessed. Slow credit indicates that you have had a habit of paying credit obligations later than they are due. In many situations, poor credit can prevent you from getting a car loan in St Catharines.

At Loan Doctor, though, we understand that bad or slow credit does not mean you are untrustworthy. We will use our tools and experience to get you car financing with slow credit or bad credit. Once you can get financed, you can purchase the car you have always imagined. Furthermore, with our affordable rate plans you will be able to rebuild your credit score over time, ultimately putting you on the path to having good credit.

Bad Credit Car Loans and Auto Financing St. Catharines, Ontario

Regardless of your past credit issues Loan Doctor can help

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